Dean Path Edinburgh

PROJECT: Soil Nailing / Mini Piling / Reinstatement Works LOCATION: Dean Village, Edinburgh CLIENT: Edinburgh City Council DATE: 2021-2022 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS: 210 OVERVIEW: Acting as the Main Contractor, we completed the initial, extensive remedial works to the failed slope and delivered the full reinstatement package inclusive of the drainage, driveway, decking and soft landscaping.

River Biss

PROJECT: Ground Anchors / Sprayed Concrete/ Drains LOCATION: Trowbridge CLIENT: Sisk Rail DATE: 2023 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS: 30 OVERVIEW: Installation of 33no R32 galvanised soil nails, covered with 250mm of sprayed concrete to stabilise the failing wingwall. Inclined drains and weep holes were also installed. All works were completed during weekend and midweek night possessions.


PROJECT: Piling LOCATION: Newbridge & Llanhilleth Stations CLIENT: AMCO Giffen DATE 2022-2023 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS 43 OVERVIEW: Two unique projects installing 220mm diameter piles with restricted access mini piling rigs and our excavator mounted piling mast installing raking piles. Test piles were installed on both projects following early contractor involvement, to aid the designer in developing a buildable solution.

Ashley Down Railway Station (Bristol)

PROJECT: Piling LOCATION: Ashley Down, Bristol CLIENT: Bam Nuttall Ltd DATE: 2023 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS 90 OVERVIEW: Installation of 237no 450mm and 600mm diameter piles for the construction of the new station at Ashley Down, Bristol. Piles were installed using restricted access piling rigs to allow the works to be completed during normal working with no disruption to the railway.

Park Road, Elland

PROJECT: Piling / Passive Ties LOCATION: Elland, West Yorkshire CLIENT: Esh Construction Ltd DATE: 2022 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS: 50 OVERVIEW: The complex project involved the installation of 157no 450/508mm diameter piles to depths of 12m and 54no R38 passive ties to stabilise the key commuter route which had been shut for some time. Flooding had caused a 300mm of vertical movement and a crack, 60m in length, along the road.

Headingley Station

PROJECT: Piling LOCATION: Headingley Station, Leeds CLIENT: Buckingham Group DATE: 2019 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS: 40 OVERVIEW: Following early contractor involvement, our works on the project included the installation of forty-seven 450mm diameter piles to create a contiguous piled wall and lift pad foundations, allowing for the lifts to be installed on both platforms, and creating an accessible route from the station entrance to the platforms.

Canal Underbridge

PROJECT: Piling LOCATION: Looe, Cornwall CLIENT: Sisk Rail DATE: 2019–2020 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS 39 OVERVIEW: Working with the client and designer we were able to deliver a buildable solution for constructing 508mm diameter piles, with a 450mm diameter rock socket to depths of 19m. We developed a system to construct a pile over several weekends with bespoke equipment and enabled the bi-directional line to be fully operational outside of our working window.

Water Lane, Pontefract

PROJECT: Ground Anchors / Mechanical Anchors / Piles LOCATION: Pontefract, West Yorkshire CLIENT: AMCO Giffen DATE: 2019 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS 21 OVERVIEW: Working closely with both the client and designer, we were able to develop a solution to install 20m long ground anchors and 220mm diameter piles within the narrow Underbridge. Bracing within the Underbridge meant extremely limited access for traditional equipment, however we were able to adapt existing equipment to overcome these issues.


PROJECT: Soil Nailing LOCATION: Chatham, Kent CLIENT JTS: Geotechnical Ltd DATE: 2018 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS 22 OVERVIEW: Installation of 420no 7m long R32 soil nails to stabilise the existing reinforced earth retaining wall. Access to the works was restricted due to the client requiring minimal disruption to the supermarket at the top of the slope.

Lusty Bridge

PROJECT: Ground Anchors / Tie Bars LOCATION: Bruton, Somerset CLIENT: OnSite Central Ltd DATE: 2019 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS 21 OVERVIEW: Installation of eight, 12m long GB39 tie bars with MS39P pattress plates and four, 13.5m long duplex coated ground anchors through the existing bridge structure.

Feeder Road

PROJECT: Ground Anchors / Waling Beams LOCATION :Cardiff, South Wales CLIENT: AMCO Giffen DATE: 2018 ACCIDENT FREE SHIFTS 15 OVERVIEW: Installation of 34no Inox ground anchors and 17no stainless wailing beams. All works were completed using scaffold mounted equipment working in close proximity to the canal.