We were employed by JTS Geotechnical to install the soil nails to enable them to stabilise an existing retained slope supporting one side of an existing superstore car park. The existing slope, up to 7m in height, was formed of reinforced earth with a mesh facing and was showing signs of distress with a loss of alignment in the upper section of the face and cracking/subsidence to the surface of the customer car park above.
Access to the working area was restricted due to the need to minimise disruption to the supermarket during a busy trading period and the boundary fence to the car park had to be temporarily removed and an access ramp installed to enable plant and labour to access the existing slope from the toe. A working zone was maintained with barriers to protect customers and workers at the supermarket at all times and deliveries had to be carefully planned and controlled to minimise any disruption to customers visiting the store.

chatham cropped
Chatham Facing
Chatham Installation