Feeder Road

This project focussed on coring through existing stone wall followed by the installation of 34 ground anchors. We further fitted 17 wailing beams with stainless wedge detail. This project highlights our ability to be flexible in our valued engineered techniques working alongside the main contractor, as it was completed using scaffold mounted drilling equipment with proximity to local canals.

Amco Giffen Site Manager:
“I’d just like to say thanks to the Piletec team for ensuring the successful completion of this project completed on time and without incident, as always. As well as being a sensitive ecological receptor the canal is also an important industrial watercourse feeding the docks in Cardiff, so getting this right was important for our client Network Rail Infrastructure Projects (IP) Wales and the adjoining stakeholders”
Project Manager, IP Wales stated:-
“We were impressed by the AMCO Giffen and Piletec performance with the project being delivered on time to budget and in a safe manner” so thank you.

Feeder Road 1
Feeder Road 2
Feeder Road 3
Feeder Road 4