Design Services

Piletec can offer early advice to optimise the geotechnical solution and has good long-term relationships with independent experienced chartered geotechnical consultants to ensure that efficient designs are produced. Piletec and its design partner informs its analysis and scheme development with a thorough understanding of the problem and the ground conditions. The final geotechnical design is presented in clear calculation packs with accompanying CAD drawings as necessary. The optimised Piletec design will be ‘buildable’ and safe to construct in an efficient manner, as Piletec and their design partner work closely together from an early stage in developing the final scheme.

  • State of the art geotechnical design software:
  • Oasys Geotechnical Suite (Frew, ALP, PILE, PDISP, XDISP, Slope & Adsec)
  • Wallap retaining wall design program
  • Piglet & Repute pile group analysis
  • Talren & SnailZwin soil nail design software
  • GRLWEAP driven pile and drivability programs
  • 2d Finite Element analysis using Plaxis 2D
  • Tedds structural design software
  • ACAD drawing package
  • Up to £5,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for geotechnical designs Professional Indemnity Insurance is provided by an independent 3rd party organisation and additional costs will be involved
  • Window sampling, Rotary coring / SPTs.

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